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Buy Ketamine Powder Online

Buy Ketamine Powder Online, It is a hallucinogenic dissociative and anaesthetic that is used in both humans and animals for medical purposes.

It was synthesised in 1962, and used in anaesthesia as an alternative to phencyclidine (PCP) which caused powerful, long lasting hallucinations and psychotic symptoms.

Today it is often used as an anaesthetic in children or those undergoing minor surgery. It is most frequently used now in veterinary medicine. It is on the World Health Organisation’s list of essential medicines.

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In low doses, users report a similar feeling to being drunk. Higher doses cause a much more dissociative or psychedelic effect. When used as a medicine, ketamine is a clear liquid.

Street ketamine is usually a white powder; with a grainy appearance like salt, or flaky like tiny glass shards.

Ketamine was discovered in 1962, first tested in humans in 1964, and was approved for use in the United States in 1970.

It was extensively used for surgical anesthesia in the Vietnam War due to its safety. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. It is available as a generic medication.

Ketamine Side effects, Buy Ketamine powder online

When administered by trained medical professionals, ketamine is generally safe for those people who are critically ill. Even in these cases, there are known side effects that include one or more of the following:

– Cardiovascular: abnormal heart rhythms, slow heart rate or fast heart rate, high blood pressure or low blood pressure
– Central nervous system: Ketamine is traditionally avoided in people with or at risk of intracranial – hypertension (ICP) due to concerns about ketamine causing increased intracranial pressure. It does not increase ICP more than opioids.
– Dermatologic: Transient reddening of the skin, transient measles-like rash
– Gastrointestinal: reduced appetite, nausea, increased salivation, vomiting
– Local: Pain, eruptions or rashes at the injection site
Neuromuscular and skeletal: Increased skeletal muscle tone (tonic-clonic movements)
– Ocular: Double vision, increased intraocular pressure, involuntary eye movements, tunnel vision
– Respiratory: Airway obstruction, cessation of breathing, increased bronchial secretions, reduced – – effort to breathe, spasm of the vocal cords (larynx)
– Other: Anaphylaxis, dependence, emergence reaction.

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